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Orbital EOS

Orbital EOS has 30+ years of combined experience in remote sensing and data analytics, using Artificial Intelligence. We develop advanced solutions for our clients in the Maritime and O&G sector. Our one-stop-shop solution for oil spill monitoring was awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2020.

  • Proactive monitoring – Operational leak detection. Detecting oil leaks from rigs, ships, and pipelines
  • Emergency monitoring – Minimising the Impact of an accidental oil spill. Daily detection, thickness mapping, quantification, and trajectory forecasting helped our clients minimize the impact of the oil spills and support the efforts in safeguarding the marine environment and the coast.
  • Marpol Surveillance – Monitoring ship’s illicit oil discharge. Detection of intentional bilge dumping.
  • Forensic Studies – 3D modeling to reconstruct the chain of events that lead to an accident.


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