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Digital Technologies

AFKAR Ventures focus in Digital Technologies will remain one of the most active as it enables sustainability and business resilience. For the Oil and Gas industry, which is no stranger to big data, technology and digital innovation is proving to be a fundamental aspect to in the Energy Transition.

AFKAR simple approach is investing and developing technologies to unlock value in digital solutions AFKAR brings its comprehensive industry knowledge and expertise to accelerate adaptation, and enable end-to-end digital strategies to be implemented. AFKAR Ventures have already begun the jeoury in developing our own Intellectual property through investments & Partnerships with leading companies to encapsulate unique solutions with aim to export those regionally & globally.

This focus area, will include investments and Partnerships to provide some of the following:​
1) Production Optimization
2) Portfolio Optimization & Smart Planning
3) Improved resources utilization & efficiency​
4) Smarter Maintenance & Asset integrity​
5) Artificial Intelligence & Digital Integration for smarter and better decision making ​

  • Innovate to own and development of Intellectual property.​
  • Innovation in Oil & Gas fit for purpose solutions to maximize efficiency and introduce innovative solutions.
  • Converge local & global technology development ecosystems to transformational industries.
  • Bring proximity between common regional challenges, focused fit for purpose solutions with scalable deployment​