AFKAR seeds innovative startups to expedite their Technology’s adoption by the Regional market. AFKAR believes that there is a huge margin for advancements in Global Energy Sector, which can be achieved through Disruptive, Innovative and Digital solutions. Therefore, AFKAR invests in companies that increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve decision making. AKFAR provides them access to the Regional markets, provides effective Governance and growth prospects, thus allowing them to attain rapid growth and high returns.


AFKAR partners with regional and International companies to provide them with local talent, funding, and market access to take them to next level. AFKAR enters into strategic partnerships with these technology providers to customize and implement their solutions across the region with its local footprint and market knowledge. AFKAR aims at developing proprietary digital solutions with in such partnerships , leveraging its expansive industry experience, to empower the region.


AFKAR deploys Digital and Enterprise solutions to enhance the governance and maximize efficiency.

Global Energy sector faces immense pressures to increase efficiency and reduce costs. AFKAR uses gold standards in deploying fit for purpose solutions coupled with local business consulting services, focused on introducing advanced transformational digital solutions and best practices in the region.